Premier Automation can integrate new robotic automation systems and/or upgrade existing robotic cells.

Premier Automation designs and implements automated robotics systems for industrial OEM and end user customers. Automated robotic systems are an increasingly versatile, safe, and cost-effective solution for a broad range of industrial applications. Our engineering team has the automation and process control experience to provide our customers with unique, highly efficient robotic solutions that streamline production, improve efficiency, and reduce operating costs.
Robotics for material handling Robotics for material handling
Material Handling
Material handling is a task that is prone to several complications, especially if manual operators are involved. Bringing technology into the mix can straighten things out and close-down common loopholes. Robots in particular can assist with the task and can carry out operations such as parts transfer, automated storage, palletizing, etc.
Robotics for material removal Robotics for material removal
Material Removal
When done by hand, material removal can suffer from inconsistency, and pose an ergonomic risk to operators. Buffing, grinding, polishing, deburring, de-flashing, sandingMaterial Removal, and drilling can be efficiently performed by robots to ensure quality and improve health and safety.
Robotics for Palletizing processing Robotics for Palletizing processing
Premier Automation specializes in innovative palletizing automation solutions. Our engineers take the time to understand your unique system, and offer a customized solution that will provide the greatest benefit to you.
Robotics for custom processes Robotics for custom processes
Custom Process
Not sure if you have the right equipment to match the robotics system you have in mind? Premier Automation can help you design, specify, and assemble a custom processing equipment.
Robotics for custom assembly Robotics for custom assembly
Custom Assembly
Assembly robots can greatly expand production capabilities, and bring down inefficiencies within manufacturing processes, instantly bringing companies at par with the competition.