Control System Upgrades / Conversions

Premier Automation specializes in innovative Control System Upgrades & Conversions. Our engineers take the time to understand your unique system, and offer a customized solution that will provide the greatest benefit to you.

StayingControl System Upgrades Conversions | Premier Automation current with Automation Technology can be a huge advantage in a company’s ability to keep costs down, improve performance, and ultimately stay competitive in today’s global marketplace. Our Control System Upgrade Solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Retrofit new PLC, Drive & electrical controls into existing equipment
  • Custom Fit new electrical controls into pre-existing, pre-cabled spaces
  • Custom Build equipment enclosures & controls to fit existing plant footprints
  • Software Interfacing between new and old control systems
  • Standard Solution Retrofit designs for many different manufacturers
  • DC Drive Digital Front End Retrofits
  • Motor-Generator Set (MG Set) Upgrades