Metals Industry

Premier Automation offers a wide range of control & automation solutions for the Metals Industry.

Reliable Automation Solutions for the Metals Industry

The history of Premier Automation stretches back to the steel production boom during Pittsburgh’s golden industrial age. Although we work in numerous industries today, the metals industry continues to be our core. We firmly believe that our experience and deep knowledge of the metals industry is unmatched.

As the Metals Industry evolves, many companies are consolidating or reconstructing their operations due to rising costs of production and increased competition.  Key areas to reevaluate are the automation and drive processes.  Premier Automation understands the importance of retrofitting or upgrading in order to keep up with demands and stay profitable.  We can find the best solutions for you, focusing on the best way to increase productivity and quality, while cutting downtime and production costs.

Metals Industry yellow barOur Approach

Premier Automation has years of experience working in the metals industry.  We know the difficulty of loss time and the absolute need to cut costs and optimize resources.  By making Premier Automation your solutions partner, we will streamline data, automate processes, decrease downtime, and equip you with the tools to face future challenges.

Industry Solutions (Automation & Electrical Controls)

  • Electric Arc Furnaces
  • Basic Oxygen Furnaces
  • Blast Furnaces
  • Reheat Furnaces
  • Lance Furnaces
  • Casting Controls
  • Continuous Casting
  • Hot and Cold Mills
  • Plate Mills
  • Slab Inventory
  • Soaking Pits
  • Combustion Control
  • Mill Automation Systems

Metals Experience

  • Steel
    • Steelmaking
    • Blast Furnaces
    • Continuous Casting
    • Electric Arc Furnaces
    • Ladle Refining
    • Degassers
    • Alloy Additions
    • Material Handling
    • Anneal/Pickle Lines
    • Reheat Furnaces
    • Hot Strip Mills
    • Rolling Mills
    • Coating Lines
    • Galvanizing Lines
    • Industrial Water
    • Treatment and Utilities
    • Bag Houses
  • Plate Mills
  • Rod & Bar Mills
  • Reduction & Temper Mills
  • Pickle Lines, Galvanizing Lines, Annealing Lines, Polishing Lines
  • Slitting and Cut-to-Length Lines
  • Tube and Forming Mills
  • Continuous Paint Lines, Coating Lines
  • Cranes (anti-swing/sway/skew): Gantry, Yard, Portal, Grab-Bucket-Style, Ship Unloaders, Straddle-Port
  • Stacker/Reclaimers
  • Conveyor Systems



Metals Industry Case Studies