Copper Processing Company

A copper processing company wanted to modernize its operations by collecting and interpreting data across different mills and equipment. Premier Automation developed custom data collection and analysis programming that also provides high-speed, real-time reporting.

The Problem

A copper processing company wanted to modernize its operations, starting with data collection and analysis. The company Copper Processing Companyneeded a holistic data solution that worked with their existing machinery and could be easily integrated into day-to-day management.

The Solution

Premier Automation developed a data collection system, including custom software to store and interpret production data. The high-speed system reported on different equipment across multiple mills, offering precise samples, real-time feedback and analysis of long-term patterns. Premier Automation also upgraded PLCs as needed, ensuring smooth and automatic data collection.

The Results

The copper processing company now uses Premier Automation’s system for their Quality Control laboratory and for everyday management by 11 foremen with customized data access per person. This company plans to extend the data system into additional mills. Premier Automation designed the system to be scalable and modular, making it easy to expand as the customer’s needs grow and change.

Pain Points

  • Needed cohesive data system for disparate equipment in multiple locations
  • Required a database that presented unique information to individual foremen
  • Wanted a system that offered both real-time data and long-term analysis

Technology used

  • WinCC
  • Visual Basic
  • SQL Database
  • 11 upgraded PLCs

Services provided

  • PLC upgrades
  • Custom-tailored software with scalable functionality


  • Customer relied on our engineering insight to develop a custom data system to meet their unique needs.


  • Created cohesive data collection system with baked-in analytics
  • Synchronized equipment in different mills with 11 PLC upgrades and corresponding real-time data portals