Metal Processing Equipment Manufacturer

A metal processing equipment manufacturer required comprehensive automation solutions for many projects. Premier Automation accommodated shifting project requirements to provide PLCs, HMIs, drives, programming support, AC motors, and a custom algorithm.

The Problem

A metal processing equipment manufacturer builds bar straighteners and bar turners. The company required custom Metal Processing Equipment Manufacturer programming and control panels for their machines. The customer’s programmer needed PLCs, HMIs, and drives. Many projects would start out with fluid specifications that engineers would have to clarify and adjust throughout the project.

The Solution

Premier Automation provides PLCs, HMIs, and drives as needed, while also offering a custom algorithm tailored to each new machine. The metal processing equipment manufacturer’s in-house engineer received PLCs and drives with pre-tested coordination to ensure easy commissioning.

Premier Automation also worked closely with the customer on replacing DC motors with AC motors, backing up the transition with collateral on Premier Automation’s part to demonstrate confidence in the new motors.

The Results

Premier Automation delivers PLCs, HMIs, drives, programming support, AC motors, and a custom algorithm, flexing to accommodate specification changes throughout every project without compromising on time frame. The metal processing equipment manufacturer can complete programming in-house or tap Premier Automation for support. Premier Automation routinely solves complex project requirements to provide a wide variety of products and services as needed.

Pain Points

  • Open-ended project specifications warranting responsive course correction
  • Range of projects requiring everything from support to programming to products

Technology used

  • Siemens PLCs
  • Siemens S120 drives
  • Turning heads on bar turners
  • Siemens 1PH7  AC motors

Services provided

  • Engineering and design
  • PLCs, HMIs, drives, and other equipment
  • Responsive and proactive support
  • Custom algorithm tailored to new machines


  • Premier Automation provides total automation solutions while rapidly adapting to changes in project parameters.


  • Successful and timely project completion despite shifting parameters
  • Responsive support ensuring smooth startup on new machines
  • Consistent accuracy in new machines using custom algorithm
  • Partnership for wide variety of projects spanning 10-12 years