Municipal Water Company

A municipal water company needed to interconnect and modernize the entire system. Premier Automation delivered a telemetric solution with data logging and reporting, remote monitoring, automated maintenance and seamless security – all within the customer's tight budget and schedule.

The Problem

A large municipal water utility company needed to interconnect and modernize a system that covered a 541 square mile territory on a limited budget and tight schedule. The solution had to include seamless security features, data logging and reporting, automated maintenance and remote monitoring – all while using as much of the existing system and equipment as possible.

The Solution

Premier Automation developed a water management telemetry system that wirelessly networked a 60 location installed base for security, maintenance, data, and reporting. Unlike the average telemetry application, Premier Automation’s solution enabled transmissions to cross distances of up to 25 miles.

The new system allows an operator at the main water processing plant to view the entire system on one screen, with a visual and interactive map of stations. Operators can operate equipment from the same screen, such as activating or alternating pump activity.

Constantly collected data generates automatic DEP reports, greatly reducing the time spent on compiling and submitting the paperwork. Secure cloud backups ensure that no data ever gets lost or misplaced.
Premier Automation also incorporated a network of security cameras, eliminating the hassle of installing and integrating a separate security system.

The Results

Premier Automation’s complete solution covered every base – figuratively and literally. From quoting a complex and sprawling municipal water system to designing remote monitoring and data reporting to implementing a powerful telemetry network, Premier Automation brought this customer’s company into the digital era without going over budget or schedule.

Every member of the engineering team worked with the customer to execute implementation in stages to accommodate staggered funding.

Remote control of equipment empowers this municipal water company to cut back on the daily manual visits to every base. Now employees can focus on more valuable tasks while the automated system regulates tank pressure, processes RFID check-ins, and runs scheduled maintenance like backwashing filters.

Premier Automation also kept its solution open, unlike other companies which lock out the code to trap the customer in proprietary software. The customer received full documentation with ongoing access to source files, drawings, and more.

With greater security and enormously expanded insight and control over every piece of the total system, the municipal water company can use its upgrades to save money and time.

Pain Points

  • Large territory to cover with wireless remote access, telemetry
  • Limited budget, tight schedule
  • Had to use as much of the existing equipment and system as possible
  • Required a suite of solutions: security, maintenance, reporting

Technology used

  • Opto22 PLC
  • Teledesign Radios
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Siemens Equipment
  • Spectrum Controls Webport
  • Ethernet / Serial
  • Symcom

Services provided

  • Engineering and design
  • Alarming, reporting
  • Worked closely with the company to meet paperwork deadlines


  • Completely networked 60 locations with wireless remote access
  • Coordinated control of Wastewater Lift Station to sequence start stations to maintain constant steady flow to the sewage treatment plant
  • Delivered maintenance, reporting, security solutions
  • Automated functions to reduce manual site visits from daily to weekly or monthly
  • Automation also reduces risk of peak power demand penalties with smart sensors and monitoring