Project Methodology

Premier Automation engineers custom control solutions for industrial OEM and End User customers. Many of our customers are experts with their machine, equipment mechanics, or production process. Our industry specific automation and electrical control experience and expertise enable us to provide our customers with innovative solutions and strategies to help them compete successfully in today’s highly competitive global environment.

image4After initial contact with Premier Automation and discussion of project scope, our evaluation process begins to determine the best solution for our customer:

  • Onsite Visit – We visit our customer’s site to understand the issues, evaluate the equipment, and determine the best control solution for achieving our customer’s desired results.
  • Application Design – Premier Automation’s engineering group will perform a final evaluation and propose a solution for discussion with the customer.
  • Proposal – We will develop a detailed proposal outlining your customized solution, including costs and timeline.

After a purchase order is received, the project is created in our state-of-the art business system which helps to coordinate all activities including purchasing, expediting, shipping/receiving, and production planning. The Project development process proceeds as follows:

  • Project Kick-Off – A primary point of contact person is assigned to your project who will coordinate all internal & external communications. A Project Kick-off meeting will be scheduled to begin coordinating activity between the Engineering, Operations & Production groups.
  • Engineering – The engineering group reviews the initial Application Design, the Proposal, and the customer Purchase Order prior to engineering the final control solution. The customer is consulted to verify the final control solution prior to releasing the hardware design to the Operations & Production groups. Software development will begin as required by schedule.
  • Operations – The Operations group handles the procurement, expediting, drafting, and quality control functions. Operations will review the engineering drawings for completeness and will release them for manufacturing when ready.
  • Production – The Production group will assemble and build the control panels. The Production group performs its own quality inspections concerning correct functionality, neatness and proper aesthetics.
  • Testing – Premier Automation’s dedicated test technicians do a final quality examination including wire pull tests, point-to-point ohm checks, component verification & power up. Factory Acceptance Testing is performed upon customer request.
  • Packaging & Shipping – Detailed photos are taken of the completed panels prior to panel packaging. Customer pre-shipment notifications & instructions are followed, and panels are shipped as per customer requirement.
  • Document Control – As Built drawings are updated. All project documentation is stored electronically including: Original quotation, Customer PO, Bills of Material, Manufacturing Drawings, Panel Photos, Test Documentation, and all other miscellaneous notes & information.

After the Project is shipped, additional support services are available as requested by the customer including: