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Premier Automation Robotics Overview

The engineering team has experience in the following robotics categories:

Custom/Process Equipment

Not sure if you have the right equipment to match the robotics system you have in mind?

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Line Automation

Line automation with robotics cover a range of applications and solutions.

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Welding Robotics

Premier Automation is an Authorized Robotic Integrator for Lincoln Electric. We are qualified to provide you with the best solution for your most challenging welding applications.

Collaborative Robots

Introducing the new FANUC CRX Series Collaborative Robot!

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Driving the future of manufacturing through collaboration

Premier Automation is a proud member of the ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Institute. The ARM Institute aims to be the leading catalyst of robotics innovation and expertise and to accelerate growth in US-based manufacturing and the high-value careers that go arm in arm with this industry change. ARM is dedicated to creating the ecosystem that will drive innovation in robotics.

Premier Automation is an Authorized System Integrator for:

Fanuc Robotics

Universal Robots


Lincoln Electric

ABB Robotics

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