Maximum Efficiency in Gear Motors for Automated Control Systems

Gears in Automated Control Systems

In today’s world of industrial automation solutions, efficiency is one of the most heavily scrutinized aspects of automated control systems. Any part of an assembly line that is not operating at its maximum efficiency is going to end up costing more money in an energy analysis. In such an analysis, the energy usage of the components becomes the area with the most emphasis.

Gearboxes and motors are some of the principal components in plants where conveyor belts and assembly lines are integral parts of the production process. When it comes to efficiency with gears, it’s all about how the teeth of the gears are interacting. Friction and vibrations are going to be the root cause of most energy losses, and even with lubrication and dampers, the joints are going to get worn out over time. Although maintenance is inevitable, the energy cost of the system over its lifetime is going to be the determinant of the viability of any specific gear.

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