5 Steps to Effective HMI Programming


Developing efficient HMI screens can make life for both the screen developer and the user a lot easier if they are developed properly. As an HMI programmer, you need to understand the user’s needs: what information is important for them to see in order for them to do their job efficiently and react appropriately.  

So, normally it is a good idea to watch what the operator has to do in order to do their job and discuss with them what would make their job easier. Go over any ideas you may have about screen layouts, how buttons would be laid out on the screens, etc., before you even begin developing screens. Getting the operator to “buy in” to an HMI system is key, otherwise you will have failed before you even get started.

As an automation engineer, I have worked on HMI programming for many automation applications, from system integration projects to production data collection.

Here are the top 5 guidelines I follow to create the most effective HMIs: Continue reading “5 Steps to Effective HMI Programming”