6 Ways to Improve Profits with Control Engineering

6 Ways Control Engineering Improves Profits

Control engineers are capable of boosting productivity, profit, quality of products, and overall plant safety. A key aspect to the success of effective control engineering design is exploring sensible controls early in a project’s design. Creative ideas are a pivotal point when designing a control system and are crucial to the operation of any manufacturing project.

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Premier Automation Named 2015 System Integrator Giant


PITTSBURGH, December 23, 2015Control Engineering recognizes Premier Automation as a 2015 System Integrator Giant, ranking the company #19 on a list of the best system integrators in the United States. Premier Automation ranked as only one of three companies in the top twenty with less than twenty engineers, competing with companies of over 100 or 200 engineers at the same level of system integration revenue or higher.

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