Finding New Value in Automation: Redesigning Processes

New Value in Automation with System Integration

Automation has been a driving force in production and manufacturing over the past few years.  Automation and control engineers are becoming more and more valuable as improvements in manufacturing become more necessary to keep up with technology.  Automation can bring great value to companies and improve production quality and efficiency.  Companies need to evaluate how automation can improve their business and give the company a step up in competing with other manufactures.

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The Human Factor in Automated Systems

Automated Systems

As technology advances and better automation systems are made to perform various functions, it reduces the need for human workers in manufacturing. While this technology has been developing rapidly, there are still many flaws in the system. Some people might think that either having a fully automated shop or a staff of able workers would be the optimal choice to run their manufacturing process. Another and quite possibly a better option is to have an automated system run by workers that are intertwined.

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Simple Tips to Reduce Risk on Automation Projects


Some projects seem straightforward and simple in the beginning; more often than not, problems arise that were never considered and end up costing a big chunk of precious time and money. Delays can be avoided by just taking a few steps to minimize risk and increase productivity. In this article we are going to take a look at how uncertainties can derail a project and how to reduce damage to your company’s timeline and budget.

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