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Premier Automation offers smart programming to maximize the potential of your marking applications for accuracy and performance analysis.

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From the identification of individual products to the branding of company logos, Direct Part Mark Identification (DPMI) enables sharp insight into a product’s relationship with the manufacturing process. Once marked, manufacturers can follow a part as it moves through the supply chain and performs throughout its life cycle. Marking empowers manufacturers to track, analyze, and improve inventory management, batch control, quality control, defect containment, and error-proofing. While DPMI promotes accuracy in the manufacturing process and informed evaluations of product performance, it is key to use a data encoding program that ensures accuracy and cost effectiveness.

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We understand the importance of quality automation in the marking industry. Whatever marking method you choose, your marking system is only as smart as the program that reads and uses it. Premier Automation has the expertise to make sure your DPMI project receives optimal programming for your manufacturing goals.





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