Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Premier Automation offers products and solutions to help you achieve maximum OEE.

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Resourcefulness, or achieving more success with the resources you already have, is a hallmark of good business practice in any industry. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) systems measure production performance to monitor and improve manufacturing without the frustrations of trial-and-error. OEE can be integrated with existing equipment to provide real-time data and identify weaknesses in the manufacturing process. Operating without OEE support can result in higher costs due to inefficient processes. Choosing the right OEE system can elevate a manufacturing business to its full potential and provide a competitive edge.

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ScorBox, Premier Automation’s OEE application, is designed to weave seamlessly into your existing manufacturing process and provide real-time data with automated analysis. Instantly identify equipment performance with pilot lights, a scrolling marquee, stack light, and TV monitor. ScorBox easily links to your keyboard and mouse, or you can interact directly through touch capable HMI and monitor data remotely from your tablet or smartphone. ScorBox generates your data in easy-to-read formats such as spreadsheets and graphs, and can be exported to Microsoft Excel or as CSV files for further analysis. Additionally, you can schedule reports and email alerts to keep operators and managers informed.