Plastics Manufacturer

A plastics manufacturer needed control panels and pump starters within a short time frame, and without sacrificing quality. Premier Automation delivered, designing the equipment for rapid installation and expediting the ordering process with a custom price matrix.

The Problem

To cool and recycle water used to chill plastic, a plastics manufacturer needed to circulate water through the production area Plastics Manufacturerand cooling towers. The company required control panels and pump starters to be designed and implemented within a strict budget and short time frame.

The Solution

Premier Automation provided the control panels and pump starters on budget within a three week turnaround from drawings to execution. The starters responded automatically to water level, temperature, and pressure, while HMIs on the panel doors enabled operators to easily make adjustments.

The Results

Premier Automation automated the water cooling system on budget and with rapid project execution. To further reduce costs, Premier Automation designed the equipment to make it easy for the customer to install and wire the system in-house. To expedite quoting on future projects, Premier Automation developed a custom pricing matrix so that the plastics manufacturer could quickly select optional features for their custom panels.

Pain Points

  • Narrow time frame
  • Strict budget

Technology used

  • Control panels
  • Pump starters
  • HMI

Services provided

  • Engineering design and support
  • Custom control panels with pricing matrix to expedite orders
  • Installation and start-up support


  • The plastics manufacturer received custom control panels and pump starters within a month of ordering, allowing the company to accelerate start-up times