Glass Manufacturer

A glass manufacturer needed an integrated system to centralize drives without shutting down production. Premier Automation designed and installed a centralized system with additional control functionality, working parallel to the old system to achieve a seamless transition.

The Problem

A glass manufacturer produced glass using separate drives across conveyor lines. The distance between drives caused breakdowns in Glass Manufacturercommunication that wasted material for every minute of downtime. The company needed to implement a new drives system without shutting down the furnace.

The Solution

Premier Automation worked with the customer’s existing PLC while installing new drives parallel to the old equipment in order to avoid downtime. New control panels and a centralized drive system with cabinets at the beginning, middle, and end of the line eliminated communication failures. Premier Automation also implemented dual control functionality, enabling discreet control over the drives or automated HMI access through the network.

The Results

Premier Automation delivered drives, control panels, and control system functionality without interrupting production. Centralizing the drives eliminated communication breakdowns across the lines and saved the customer wasted materials. The glass manufacturer also gained both automated and manual control functionality.

Pain Points

  • Isolated drives caused communication failures that wasted costly material
  • Production could not be interrupted to address the problem

Technology used

  • Siemens Sinamics drives
  • Control panels

Services provided

  • Engineering and design
  • Drive and control panel installation and start-up


  • Communication breakdowns across drives eliminated, maximizing production
  • Easier maintenance with centralized drives
  • Flexible (automated or manual) control