Glass Processing Company

A glass processing company was losing too much time and energy to imperfect yields that impacted the business’s bottom line. Premier Automation upgraded the customer's system to offer precise heating control that increased yields and protected the lifespan of the equipment.

The Problem

A glass processing company shapes glass for the automotive industry. To shape glass, SCRs run energy through filaments toGlass Processing Company heat the furnace. Originally, the customer’s furnace heated glass from the sides and top of the furnace only. The system worked but the glass processing company was still losing too much time and energy to imperfect yields that impacted the business’s bottom line.

The Solution

Premier Automation upgraded the furnace’s top panels and added bottom panels, allowing the glass processing company to control heating zones in more precise patterns. While building the panels, Premier Automation came up with unique panel designs that could be mounted to help cool the SCRs.

The Results

Premier Automation delivered control panels that enabled precise heating control in the furnace, and ultimately, higher product yields that boosted the customer’s bottom line. The panel building team also went the extra mile to design custom panels for the glass processing company’s unique application, keeping the SCRs cool. Premier Automation took a proactive approach to the customer’s needs to exceed expectations and achieve the most valuable automation solution.

Pain Points

  • Existing heat control limited production accuracy
  • SCRs frequently overheated

Technology used

  • Custom-engineered control panels

Services provided

  • Control panel design and fabrication
  • Assistance in startup and installation


  • Premier Automation worked to understand the customer’s unique processing methodology and improve upon existing equipment with additional panels to increase control and product yields.


  • Precise control over heating zones with additional and upgraded panels
  • Greater SCR efficiency with panels mounted to mitigate overheating
  • Higher product yields