Metal Processing Equipment Manufacturer

A metal processing equipment manufacturer needed an electrical control suite that could be adapted by an in-house programmer for each new version of a product. Premier Automation delivered a total solutions package with full programming support to ensure high quality products.

The Problem

A metal processing equipment manufacturer builds tube straightening equipment that must consistently produce straight Metal Equipment Processing Manufacturer tubes, from large pipes to needles. The company uses an in-house supervisory system. This manufacturer needed an electrical control suite for each new iteration of the tube straighteners while spending minimal time on the programming in-house.

The Solution

Premier Automation provided a complete electrical package, including drives, wiring to the PLC/in-house system, operator stations, control panels, installation, startup, and commissioning. For each new tube straightener, Premier Automation evaluates the motor configuration to design complementary drives and control panels, then adapts an algorithm written expressly for this equipment. The programming must be tuned just right for the motors to correctly share the load.

The Results

Premier Automation engineered a complete electrical control suite with a custom algorithm to tune the motors of highly precise machines. In addition to programming and equipment such as drives and control panels, Premier Automation designed each solution package to be plug-and-play to minimize demands on the customer’s in-house resources and time. Premier Automation’s quick turnaround time and flexible algorithm enables this metal processing equipment manufacturer to cost-effectively produce tube straighteners with pinpoint precision.

Pain Points

  • Emphasis on programming precision with small margins for error
  • Solutions package needed to mesh with existing in-house system
  • Needed complete electrical package with minimal impact on in-house resources

Technology used

  • Siemens S7-1200 PLCs
  • Siemens S120 Drives

Services provided

  • Engineering and design
  • Programming tailored to customer’s system
  • Custom load-sharing algorithm tuned to each new application
  • Quick turnaround – 10-12 weeks


  • Premier Automation must adapt a custom algorithm on a case-by-case basis to ensure the customer’s success in producing high quality results with every product.


  • New machines received complete electrical control suite for precisely tuned motors
  • Minimal cost to Turner Machine’s in-house resources for development and startup